E Shram Card Download PDF UAN Mobile- Adhar Card

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What is E Shram Card ?

E Shram Card is an identity card having Unified Account Number on it and your pass port photograph linked to your Aadhar card and registered mobile number and your saving bank account. Card will also bear your father name and your date of Birth. This is issued by ministry of the labor and employment .

E Shram Card Download PDF UAN Mobile- Adhar Card
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Back of the E shram Card will bear the current address and your contract number and primary occupation. email of the eshram portal help eshram-care@gov.in toll free number 14434 and eshram portal website address eshram.gov.in.

E Shram Card Download PDF UAN Mobile- Adhar Card
E shram Card Source: google.com images eshram.gov.in

E shram Card also bear QR code on the back of the card which is directly linked to your online card information on website.

E shram Card also bear the Quote ” Jiski Mahnat Desh Ka Aadhar , Sapana unka huwa sakar

You should be aware of the documents required if you also want to register on the E-Shram site, but in this article, we’ll lead you through the process of downloading a labour card online.

According to the e-Shram website, an employee must have an Aadhaar number, an Aadhaar-connected cellphone number, and a bank account number in order to register for the e-Shram portal.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment has created the eSHRAM site in order to create a national database of unorganised workers (NDUW) in order to maximise their employability and extend the advantages of social security systems to them.

It can be used as an identity proof for accessing government schemes, getting employment, etc. It can also be used as an address proof for opening bank account, etc.

What Exactly is an Unorganized Worker?

An unorganised worker is a home-based worker, self-employed worker, or wage worker in the unorganised sector, as well as a worker in the organised sector who is not a member of ESIC, EPFO, or a government employee.

E Shram Card Download PDF UAN Mobile- Adhar Card
E shram Card Source: google.com images eshram.gov.in

The Unorganised Workers Social Security Act, 2008

Around 88% of the country’s labor is employed in the unorganised sector, and they do not get enough social security benefits.

  • The Central Government is implementing a few welfare plans for certain groups/sub-groups of unorganised employees, such as beedi workers, cine workers, building and construction workers, and so on. The government is creating welfare programmes for specific groups of unorganised sector employees, while non-governmental organisations are also providing social security to select workers.
  • This Social Security Act 2008 was adopted by the Central Government to give specific assistance packages to all types of unorganised sector workers. This statute is currently subsumed in the Social Security Code, which is a common welfare policy.

The Goals of Govt of the E SHRAM Card Scheme

For Over all Management of the unorganized workers as described above.

E shram Card Source: google.com images
E shram Card Source: google.com images eshram.gov.in
  • All the Workers like Construction Workers, Migrant Workers, Gig and Platform Workers, Street Vendors, Domestic Workers, Agriculture Workers, and other unorganised workers (UWs) would be seeded with Aadhaar in a centralised database.
  • Providing a comprehensive database to the Central and State Governments in order to deal with future national crises such as COVID-19 pandemic.
  • To increase the efficiency with which social security services for unorganised employees are implemented.
  • Integration of Social Security Schemes intended for UWs controlled by MoLE, as well as those run by other ministries.
  • Sharing information on registered unorganised employees with different stakeholders, such as Ministries/Departments/Boards/Agencies/Organisations of the Central & State Governments, via APIs for the delivery of various social security and welfare initiatives operated by them.
  • Migrant and construction workers should be able to transfer their social security and welfare payments.

Are You Eligible to Register E Shram Card (NDUW) Portal?

E shram Card Source: google.com images
E shram Card Source: google.com images eshram.gov.in

Anyone who meets the following requirements can register on the portal:

  • A worker who is disorganised (UW) . Read the definition of disorganized or un organized.
  • The age range should be between 16 and 59 years old.
  • You are not a member of EPFO, ESIC, or NPS (government-funded). you have ensure your self that you are not member of any one of these funding’s.
  • Registration in the eSHRAM site is limited to agriculture labourers and landless farmers. Other farmers are not qualified. [ as per FAQ 38 of Eshram portal ]

What information is required for registration?

To register on the portal, you must do the following:

E shram Card Source: google.com images
E shram Card Source: google.com images eshram.gov.in
  • You should have Aadhar Card Number
  • Aadhaar and mobile number are connected.
  • IFSC code of your Savings Bank Account

What is E Shram Card goverment Portal ?

The Ministry of Labour and Employment, one of the oldest and most important Ministries of the Government of India, is constantly working to improve the lives and dignity of the country’s labour force by protecting and safeguarding workers’ interests, promoting welfare, and providing social security to workers in both organised and unorganised sectors through the enactment and implementation of various labour laws that govern the terms and conditions of service.

E Shram Card goverment Portal
E shram Card Source: google.com images eshram.gov.in

As a result, the Ministry of Labour and Employment has created the eSHRAM site to create a National Database of Unorganized Workers (NDUW) that would be seeded with Aadhaar.

It will include information such as their name, employment, residence, occupation type, educational qualification, skill kinds, and family data, among other things, in order to maximise their employability and extend the advantages of social security systems to them.

It is the nation’s first comprehensive database of unorganised employees, which includes migrant workers, construction workers, gig and platform workers, and others.

Frequently Asked Question ( information gathered from the eshram.gov.in )

1. Who are considered Unorganized workers ?

Unorganized workers are those who work from home, are self-employed, or are wage workers in the unorganised sector and are not members of ESIC or EPFO.

2. Which are considered as unorganised sector ?

The unorganised sector consists of establishments/units that produce/sell goods/services and employ fewer than ten people. These apartments are not covered by ESIC or EPFO.

3. What do you mean by UAN ?

The Universal Account Number (UAN) is a 12-digit number that is assigned to each unorganised worker after they register on the E SHRAM card portal. The UAN number will be a permanent number, which means that once assigned, it will remain unchanged for the duration of the worker’s career.

4. Are You getting Problem in connecting to short code help desk ?

If you are unable to call the short code helpdesk number 14434, you may use the CSC’s 10-digit number.

You can register your grievance by calling the national helpline or by using the eSHRAM Grievance Portal.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment will manage the national help desk/grievance redressal mechanism, while states will manage the state call centers/helpdesk.

SMS language will first be available in Hindi and English. It will eventually be available in regional languages as well.

5.Is income requirements certificate or details are needed ?

There are no income requirements for enrolling as an unorganised worker on E SHRAM card portal. However, he or she should not be a tax payer.

There is currently no requirement to provide proof of date of birth or income.

6. If Aadhar is not linked to mobile that how to register for e shram card on portal ?

If a worker does not have an Aadhaar-linked cellphone number, he or she can go to a CSC and register using biometric authentication.

7.What are benefits the E Shram Card holder will get in future ?

The Central Government has created the eSHRAM platform, which will serve as a consolidated database of unorganised employees with Aadhaar. After registration, he/she would receive a 2 lacs Accidental Insurance cover via PMSBY.

All unorganised employees’ social security benefits will be given through this platform in the future. This database may be used in emergency and pandemic-like scenarios to give vital support to eligible unorganised employees.

E SHRAM is currently used only for registration. For a year, registered workers will be supplied with accidental insurance coverage of Rs. 2 lacs. This information might be used to give financial support to qualified employees during a national catastrophe, such as COVID19.

8. How Can You register on the Eshram Portal for E Shram Card?

An unorganised worker can register via the eSHRAM portal or through an aided approach by contacting the local CSC.

9.Is there any charge for registration on the Eshram Portal for E shram card?

Registration on the eSHRAM site is completely free for e shram card . Employees are not required to pay any fees to the registered body.

No, bank information is being collected to guarantee that benefits under social security programmes or any other benefits provided by the Central/State government are sent straight to the worker’s account.

10 Is there any validity Years for E Shram card or It needs to update regularly ?

E shram card 12 digit card is This is a permanent number that is good for the rest of your life. No renewal is needed.

There is no need for workers to renew their E SHRAM cards in order to keep their information, cellphone number, and current address up to date. To keep his/her account active, he/she must update his/her account at least once a year.

Workers can update their information by going to the E SHRAM portal or the near by CSC’s .

Once registered, a worker can update his personal information such as mobile number, current residence, employment, educational qualification, skill kinds, family data, and so on by accessing E SHRAM portals or the local CSC.

Because the photo is obtained from Aadhaar services at registration, the option to edit the photo is not available. If a worker’s picture is modified in Aadhaar, the change will be reflected on the E SHRAM site following Aadhaar authentication.

11. What do you mean by NCO ?

It is a National Classification of Occupations created based on the job and skill levels necessary to do the profession. It is an international standard that is followed throughout the country. It aids in comparing, categorising, and ranking vocations and skill levels.

12. What is to selected for matching occupation while registering on eshram Portal for E shram card ?

Workers must pick an occupation when registering. It will be based on a two-tiered selection system – At the first level, employees must choose a Sector (Agriculture, Automobiles, Construction, etc.), which is a broad range of operations. At the second level, the worker must pick his activity in the type of occupation that he is now performing. His principal activity/occupation is the source of his primary income. Secondary occupation refers to any additional activity that generates a little but considerable amount of revenue.

13. How your details utilized by MOLE or government through e shram portal which you have filled for e shram card ?

It is a centralised database that has been seeded with Aadhaar. It will be utilised to distribute social security benefits through the Central and State Ministries.

It would also assure the portability of migrant and construction employees’ social security and welfare benefits in their workplaces.

It may also be utilized in the future to provide aid to eligible workers during a national catastrophe such as COVID-19.

14. Do you know about Prime Minister Bima Yojana ?

The Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana is a Government of India Accidental Insurance Scheme available to anyone aged 18 to 70. It offers a payment of Rs. 2 Lacs in the event of accidental death and permanent disability, and Rs. 1 Lac in the event of partial impairment.

The registered employees using the eSHRAM site would be enrolled under PMSBY, with the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India, bearing the premium for the first year.

For the first year, it is free for employees. As a result, no premium is debited from the beneficiary’s account.

Workers will receive coverage for Rs.2 lakh for accidental death/permanent disability and Rs.1 lakh for partial disability in lieu of Premium of Rs.12 per year from second year. it need to be auto debit from their account linked to e shram portal.

[ FAQ 50 & 51 of e shram portal ]

15. Is there any Help Desk for E shram portal for registration of e shram card ?

A dedicated National Help desk has been established to handle any eSHRAM registration and issues. The helpline number is 14434. ( or 10-digit number as provided by CSC )

16. What to do in case of death of e shram card holder ?

On the eSHRAM portal/ CSCs, the nominee or family member should register a claim together with appropriate papers. They can also call their respective banks.

17. Is there any education qualification is needed for registration on eshram portal for e shram card ?

No, he/she does not required any education qualification . he or she should only be required to work in the unorganised sector for a living.

Workers are not obliged to bring any documentation to the CSCs. They must have their Aadhaar number, mobile number, and bank account data, as well as the IFSC code, with them while registering for registration.

18. What E shram card holder need to do after attaining age of 60 years ?

After the age of 60, workers are no longer required to take any activity. He/she will continue to receive benefits under the eSHRAM programme to which he/she is eligible.

19. How to find the nearest CSC for registration of E Shram card ?

Yes. Please visit findmycsc.nic.in/csc/ to locate your local CSC Centre for supported registration.

20. I am 16 year old and registered on eshram portal for e shram card and I am having the eshram card .Is I am Eligible for PMSBY benefits ?

At present not but after attaining the age of 18 year you will be eligible for PMSBY too.

21 How much registration have been done on eshram portal till date ?

registration is online 24×7 and continuous process . however the registration fig on date 24.11.2022 which can be watched from dashboard of the eshram portal.

Image from eshram Portal
Image from eshram Portal

22.How Do You Check/ Download Your E-Shram Card 2022 Online from the Portal ?

  • First, go to eshram.gov.in and if you Already Register on the Portal.
  • After entering the UAN card number, date of birth, and captcha, click Generate OTP.
  • Now input the obtained OTP to validate the phone number which you have linked to Card while registering .
  • Then choose Download E- Shram Card By Phone Number.
  • The PDF copy of your E-Shram card will be downloaded when you click on Download UAN Card.
  • You may now access the E-Shram Card and print it to keep it secure.

Disclaimer : Information given above is for educational purpose and actual information published at eshram portal eshram.gov.in will be valid. you should visit the website from time to time. any controversy in information than govt portal information will be counted accurate. You may also visit the Disclaimer of the website.

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